Peavine Trail (Green Blazes, 1.9 Miles)

The green trail is a short little trail that goes from the park office to Peavine falls. You can either hike the trail there and back or include it in a larger loop hike. The trail goes up the first hill beside the Wildlife Center Trail for a fairly steep climb to the top. It then crosses the yellow and orange trails, goes down almost a hundred feet, and climbs back steeply up to the north ridge of oak mountain. There it crosses the red bike trail, follows the mountain ridge a short ways, and then descends to Peavine Falls. It is a pretty trail, especially at the top of the first smaller hill, and then on top of the north ridge and down the other side. This is another trail that gets a difficult rating due to elevation gain, near 700 feet in less than 2 miles, and a three star rating. It connects with the white a blue trails at the end near Peavine falls, so is invaluable in creating loops since it crosses all of the other trails in the park.

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